• Hello 2021 & goodbye 2020 – Mark Keohane’s 5 sporting highs & lows revisited

    Hello 2021 & goodbye 2020 - Mark Keohane's 5 sporting highs & lows revisited

    Mark Keohane, on IOL, welcomes 2021 and identifies the good and bad of his 2020 sporting year.

    All strength to everyone in 2021 and may it be a year in which we negotiate ways to deal with and manage Covid, which is bound to be around for some time.

    Sport in 2020 was like no year I have ever known in my life time and the hope is that in the course of 2021 we get a kind of familiar normal, where crowds do get back to stadiums and sports matches once again become sports events and occasions because of the ground support of fans.

    The game without a presence from fans and supporters is hollow.

    My dedication in 2020 is to the sports fans who determine the atmosphere and turn a contest into a riveting experience.

    To quote Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, the fan and supporter will never again be taken for granted.

    Liverpool top my five-strong good and bad moments of 2020.

    Check out IOL for who makes up the rest of my good and bad.




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