• Fans’ view: Frank’s fed up with Farrell favouritism

    Fans' view: Frank's fed up with Farrell favouritism

    Keo.co.za will bring you a daily Fans’ view as we head into the World Cup. The first up offering is aimed at England flyhalf Owen Farrell and Frank Montgomery writes it is time to red card Farrell for good.

    Now I know that the issuing of a red card, especially early on in a contest, is a very contentious issue – the feeling is that it robs spectators from a fair contest, when you have 15 playing against 14. The other side of the coin is that player safety is considered paramount these days, so one has to act and address foul play.

    So will it be considered fair if Mr Owen “No Hands” Farrel takes out one of your key players during the World Cup final, but the team is allowed to replace him after a certain period of time? He clearly has no intention to address and correct his style of tackling, but keeps on escaping punishment, yet can have an impact on final outcomes of vital games.

    In my opinion the issue of a yellow card, to be reviewed during the 10 minutes the player is end off, is a great new addition – I just feel that if the decision is overturned to a red, the player in question should be called back on to the feel and presented with a red card in his face and the team should not be allowed to replace him at all!

    *Farrell was yellow carded for an illegal tackle against Wales at Twickenham, and this was upgraded to a red card by the TMO. The England captain will face a disciplinary on Tuesday and by all accounts should get a six demerit point suspension.

    Farrell earlier in the season was suspended for four matches because of head high, no arms, tackle. It was reduced to three matches because Farrell attended a one-day ‘Tackle School Clinic’.

    World Rugby confirmed that a player can only attend one such clinic in his professional career as part of mitigation, so Farrell can’t rely on that luxury on Tuesday.

    An all Australian Disciplinary Committee will oversee Farrell’s Disciplinary in what could be described a Kangaroo Court, which if effective could ban Farrell for the last England warm-up against Ireland and at least two of the first Group matches in the World Cup.


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